Meet Sophie Bohenko, An Ultimate Angelz



Hello everyone! My name is Sophie Bohenko and I’m so happy to be one your Ultimate Angelz! I grew up and currently live in Westford, MA with my family. For about 2 years now I have been bartending and currently work at a little martini bar in my hometown! I have been modeling for about 3 years now but have taken it more seriously over the past year or so! I hope to continue modeling for a career and travel the world someday! In my free time I like to shop, do my makeup, surf, and ski! Something not many people know about me is that I have an identical twin!!


My best piece of advice for my girls with fine hair, when you curl your hair, make sure you spray hairspray before and after you curl! I promise your curls will last forever!!


My favorite part of being an Angelz is being surrounded by so many beautiful and talented women! All the Angelz are so supportive of each other and it has such a great environment to be in!