Meet SAMANTHA MORICONI, An Ultimate Angelz




Hi! My name is Samantha Moriconi but everyone knows me as Sam! I’m from Billerica, MA. I’m currently working at a rehab hospital as a rehab nurse tech, while also being an Ultimate Angelz and taking acting classes! My big dream job would have to be becoming an actress!


Some fun things I enjoy doing would have to be going on long walks no matter the weather, re-reading my favorite books, and traveling with my friends!


My favorite makeup hack would have to be using a Bobby pin to apply my eyeliner! I’ve always been bad with my eyeliner and using a Bobby pin makes it so much easier!


A few things not many people know about me are that I’ve always wanted to be an actress since I can remember, I read at a really fast pace and usually finish 2-3 books every week, and laughing with my family and friends is my favorite pastime!


The most exciting part of being an Angelz is the message we send to young girls and women. I love that the content we make is relatable, and knowing that those young girls are also seeing all different types of bodies wearing gorgeous gowns can help them see themselves in us Angelz!