Meet CamiEle Lewis, An Ultimate Angelz


Hi everyone! My name is Camiele (Cami) and I am an Ultimate Angelz. I am from North Reading. When I'm not working as an Angelz or a sales associate at The Ultimate I love to go to the movies with my dad, go on long road trips, Travel around the world, Dance, and hang out with friends.


In the future, I want to open my own business and skincare line! While being an Angelz I have also learned some great makeup and hair tricks. I always spray setting spray on my face before applying powder, and for hair, add some try shampoo for extra volume! One thing not everyone knows about me is I am the youngest of 5 kids! I have two brothers and two sisters. I also have two dogs, a Boston terrier, and a Pekingese.


My favorite thing about the Angelz program is the opportunities and connections that are made through it because it has taught me many lessons, for example, how to interact with others online in a fun positive way, and how to present myself with confidence. The Ultimate taught me how to keep my head high. They inspire and influence me every day. Learning from new people and my other fellow Angelz is also fun to get a different take on things. I love creating new ideas with each other to make our fans feel included. Lastly, I love getting to dress up and make fun content to interact with other people online!